Soy Xicano. We are all passengers on the journey of life. I keep the movement going in my ancestral form of In Xochith In Cuicatl (poetry). All humans are one race and one love,Viva la Raza!
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My heart goes out to those in Ferguson.


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What if Michael Bay Directed “UP”?

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Take Over Control! (AMV - Macross Frontier) [HD] - AFROJACK

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Seriously, Rugrats was not fucking around.

People don’t give Rugrats enough credit for how progressive it was. I mean think about it.

  • Chuckie, for most of the series is raised by a single father
  • Angelica’s mother was a high ranking corporate executive
  • Phil and Lil’s mom was a feminist 
  • She also breastfed them (which the show actually depicted)
  • Tommy is half-Jewish and the show actually explored this part of his heritage

Seriously, this show was fucking amazing!! They just don’t make ‘em like this anymore….

Also don’t forget that Chuckie had an interracial family after the second movie.

How are you guys forgetting Susie? I mean her mom was a doctor and her dad was a writer for a famous Children’s TV show. Not to mention Kimmie was anything BUT submissive.

Remember when they had episodes that hit hard to issues kids might be dealing with? Chuckie only had his Dad on Mothers Day, Tommy had to deal with being outshadowed by a new baby brother, Phil and Lil were constantly being mixed up and then they had a couple episodes where they each found that even as a twin they were their own people.
Man Rugrats was the shit.